Energy Consumption App

Living in the Netherlands, it became very quickly clear that food serves a functional role as opposed to holding its value as delicacy, like many of its fellow European counterparts. Quick and efficient seems to be the tone of the menu, and with the monopoly supermarket offering very little selection by way of vegetable tastiness, I began to consider what it was that held the most value to these consumers. Cheapness and economy seamed to be the answer.

However, when looking at the energy consumption in producing these cheaper, faster, more efficient products, I was startled to see how much less environmentally efficient they were, using hydroponic systems, and artificial environments to simulate weather conditions, as well as numerous chemical enhancers that require energy to be produced, transported and used.

So to give consumers more of an insight into their choices I developed a concept for a phone application that works in conjunction with supermarket systems, allowing gamification of consumers daily shopping.

The app works by signalling to the consumer how ecologically friendly the product they wish to consume is. In doing this, the consumer has the choice if they wish to buy the more ecologically friendly product in exchange for points on the ‘Green Diamond’ card, which works in the same way as the points you currently receive with your supermarket card.

In this system, all companies would be required by law to provide information on their energy consumption for open access by consumers. Hopefully stimulating manufacturers to use more ecologically friendly production methods, and giving more product awareness to consumers.