Justell.me is a website created collaboratively with Sami Sabik (research engineer), Florent Noel (software engineer), Paul Lehouck (interaction designer) and myself, (collectively Project Cloud).

The concept for this project was to create an open message board, accessible by anyone, anywhere as a means of collecting thoughts from all over the world. It is a totally free platform uncensored or monitored, that allows people to write comments on the wall saying whatever they like.

The website works with access by smartphones. The user scans the QR code (that has been distributed in sticker form around the world), which takes them to the page where a message can be left.

The aim was to create an entirely free space, not connected to social media, free from advertising, and shared by curious individuals who have scanned the QR code. We did not want the space to become a forum or chatroom, therefore comments cannot be made directly back to the individual who made the comment. It is simply an open message board for the world.




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